Corpsmen Up!!

"Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue." . . .
Admiral Chester Nimitz

Let us not forget that there was in fact a Corpsman with the Marines as they raised the flag on Mt. Suribachi. Hospital Corpsman John Bradley was there and was one of the three survivors from the raising to leave Iwo Jima. John Bradley died January 11, 1994 at the age of 70.

Since this site is for the Marine Wives - I feel compelled to also provide for the wives of those who serve with and treat those Marines in their time of suffering. For the wives that don't understand the love hate relationship with the Navy I can only say that at no time and in no place will you need to worry about the medical care received by your Marine. There are only three kinds of doctors -- corpsmen, Corpsman, and CORPSMAN.

One might ask for a definition of a Corpsman and while I was setting this page up I ran across a mighty fine site called what else "Navy Corpsmen", where I found what can only be described as the best damn definition of a Corpsman anywhere. It read as follows:

CORPSMAN - Usually a young, long haired, bearded, Marine-hatin' Sailor with certain medical skills, who will go through the very gates of Hell to get to a wounded Marine.

It may surprise some but the Navy Corpsman has a long proud tradition of serving with the United States Marine Corps. They have fought with us, fought along side of us, and sadly have made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Their Medal of Honor citations read like they were Marines... and by God I will honor them like the Marines they so proudly served!