The Military Channel

Hello Military Wives -

You may have seen the series or heard from the producers of, "My War Diary", but I'm writing pertaining to a little different, but very important initiative.  Both the CEO of Discovery Communications and the top officials at the Pentagon are committed to this project.

We want to air the video footage that your husbands are making in the field that showcases the day-in-the-life of being in the military. 

It is our goal to put real video footage shot by the servicemen and women on The Military Channel, unedited, uncensored, "as is" for one hour a day / five days a week.  If a video is selected it will be put on the screen with the name and rank of the personnel who shot it. 

I'm writing the Military Wives to ask for help to spread the word to the troops around the world. 

If the wives or husbands have footage they can upload it at the website -

We will then put it on the Military Channel to showcase the true life of our military personnel who serve this wonderful country!

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Kind Regards,

Kip Prestholdt
Discovery Communications