USA WEEKEND, the nation's second-largest magazine as carried in 600 US newspapers, is looking to continue its cover-story coverage of the great things that our deployed troops are doing overseas with a Father's Day the themed cover story for the 6/15/08 issue: Great Dads Serving This Nation.

We're interested in getting e-mail responses from dads serving overseas who are also fully involved with their families at home: Whether it's helping out a child with homework, a schoolyard bully situation, puppy love, a Boy or Girl Scout project, a teacher conflict, etc., we're interested in how our deployed dads are doing whatever it takes to 'be there' for their kids. Is there a Dad who helped 'coach' his kid on a new swim stroke thousands of miles away? Or one who 'took part' in a longtime family tradition via today's techno-tools somehow? We're interested in these kinds of stories, or any others that come to mind that play into this theme.

Please send your summaries no later than March 10 direct to Dennis McCafferty, the senior writer at USA WEEKEND who overseas all military coverage for the magazine (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Because Dennis usually receives hundreds of responses for these kinds of cover stories, he can only respond to the ones that are a good fit. However, many summaries that he doesn't opt to follow up on will be sent to the Army and Navy Times publications for their consideration. Army and Navy Times are published by USA WEEKEND's corporate parent, Gannett, and all three publications have worked in partnership on past military-themed cover stories.

There is no format required for the summaries; Dennis is just looking for good stories for now. There is no length minimum or maximum for the word counts, although probably no more than 500 words should be more than sufficient. You may suggest yourself as a feature subject (as many have done in the past) or someone you know. Dennis is striving for stories that are similar in style to this cover story published in 2004, about soldiers making a positive difference in the lives of Iraq children and their families:

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