DoD Announces Installation Realignments In Germany

August 28, 2008

The Department of Defense announced today that the United States will cease operations at 15 U.S. Army, Europe, sites in Idar-Oberstein, Dexheim and other locations in Germany.

Due to U.S. European Command force structure realignment and transformation, and the attendant reduction in installation and personnel support requirements that have occurred during the past several years, the Department of Defense has determined the following facilities are excess to its needs:            

The sites and timeframes for return are as follows. Closure of sites noted with a return date to be determined (TBD) are contingent upon the availability of facilities for relocating tenant activities:            

U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder                

Strassburg Kaserne (Idar-Oberstein) NLT Summer 2009               
Idar-Oberstein Family Housing (Idar-Oberstein) NLT Summer 2009               
Birkenfeld Family Housing Area (Baumholder area) NLT Summer 2008                
Neubruecke Hospital Kaserne (Baumholder area) NLT Summer 2009            

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden                

American Arms Hotel - Return Date TBD                
Dexheim Family Housing NLT 1st Quarter 2009               
Dexheim Missile Facility NLT 1st Quarter 2009                
Anderson Barracks NLT 1st Quarter 2009                
Camp Oppenheim NLT Summer 2008            

U.S. Army Garrison Mannheim                

Friedrichsfeld Quartermaster Service Center - Return Date TBD               
Friedrichsfeld Storage Area - Return Date TBD                
Dannenfels Communications Station - Return Date TBD            

U.S. Army Heidelberg               

Stem Kaserne - Return Date TBD             

U.S. Army Giessen                

Dautphe Boy Scout Camp NLT 1st Quarter 2009                
Hommertshausen Girl Scout Camp NLT 1st Quarter 2009            

In addition to previously announced force structure changes, closure of these sites will affect 49 military, 350 U.S. civilians, and 140 local national employees with agencies such as the Installation Management Command-Europe (IMCOM-E), Europe Regional Medical Command, and Department of Defense Dependents Schools.            

IMCOM-E will begin the process of returning facilities affected by this decision to the host nation.  Current annual operating costs for these sites are approximately $15 million.            

The United States coordinated this action with host nation officials before announcement.            

DoD Announces Installation Realignments In Germany [ ]