New Resources for Military Couples Living Apart Now Available Online

AUSTIN, Texas - Febraury 14, 2009 - As U.S. military couples worldwide celebrate Valentine's Day, new resources to help military families maintain strong relationships despite living apart are now available with the launch of a new Web site,

The site is designed to help couples separated by military deployment and job assignments build stronger relationships, maintain intimacy and grow during periods of physical separation. Through articles, stories, videos and podcasts, the site offers insight, support and knowledge from professionals on how to form intimate bonds across the miles.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 3.8 million married couples in the United States don't reside under the same roof. Increasingly couples are commuting to different cities and states for employment reasons and living apart due to growing economic strains. The phenomenon of "living apart together" continues to grow outside of the military community where it has long been the norm.

"PS Miss You provides valuable tools to couples as they maintain their relationship apart as well as couples who just need help with their issues," said Betty Heck, CADCIII, licensed clinical social worker. "In addition, therapists will find this site a useful tool to help their clients augment therapy and access multiple resources at one convenient place."

The site maintains that long distance relationships can be both challenging and rewarding. It provides resources for deepening and enriching love despite the distance between partners, practical support for addressing the intimacy challenges that come with spending time apart and inspired advice from experienced professionals and counselors.

About Created by a military spouse, the site provides a unique central source for advice and information about nurturing long distance relationships.

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