The GI Bill Made Easy

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By the end of September 2009, the Department of Veterans Affairs reported that 61,000 payments had been processed in the two short months since the bill launched, totaling over $50 million paid out for tuition assistance. However, this number represents only a small portion of the nearly 200,000 potential applicants who received eligibility letters for the new GI Bill.

"The new GI Bill will surely bring about an abundance of questions from the military community," manager Seth Restaino said in the days before the new GI Bill's launch. "Our site wants to be as proactive as possible in providing the community with the most comprehensive information regarding the new GI Bill. The new design and multitude of features like the GI Bill Cheat Sheet truly accomplish this goal."

Introducing the GI Bill Cheat Sheet

To help active service members, veterans, and their families understand how to fully take advantage of this important benefit, designed a downloadable GI Bill Cheat Sheet that is available for free on their site.

The Cheat Sheet provides easy-to-understand information on how to use the education benefits to which the members of the military community are entitled. This organized, step-by-step guide can be downloaded to save, email, or simply print out to share with others.

The Cheat Sheet covers:
· Post 9/11 GI Bill Eligibility
· Benefit Amounts
· Applying for GI Bill Benefits
· Housing Allowances
· …and more.
Download your copy of the Cheat Sheet from the site here:

New GI Bill Information