Wounded Warrior Program Donation

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The label reads -
"Honor those brave soldiers who serve with valor; who continually place their lives on the line to preserve 'life, liberty and the persuit of hapiness.' May we always remember those we call our heroes." -Arthur Nelson

The cost of the candle is $12, it will burn 40 + hours, there is a $1 per item shipping charge and tax applicable.  Orders can be placed individually and there is a $5 drop ship charged applied.  Any orders that are together and more than $75 require only the $1 per item shipping charge and tax.  I make $3.00 from each candle and I will be donating the entire amount to Wounded Warriors.  I would be very pleased for you to add this to your website as another way of promoting our soldiers.   Again, it is my intent to present this product as a service in recognition of our "heroes", not for profit.

Barbara Williams
Unit Director, Founder
For Every Home
Innovative Fashion Fragrance Company