Yokota, Misawa commanders stop incoming PCS moves

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In support of the stop movement order, and to enable Airmen to make new plans and port call reservations, Air Force Personnel Center assignment officials have adjusted all March and April inbound to Japan report no later than dates to April 30, according to William Warner, AFPC military assignments representative. The RNLTD adjustment applies not only to Yokota and Misawa, but also to all geographically separated units and the units they serve in Japan, he said.

Airmen with orders who have not processed out from their current duty stations must not out-process. Those who have out-processed but have not yet departed have options that must be discussed with their servicing personnel sections.

All affected Airmen should contact their servicing personnel sections for instructions. Some service commitment dates may be affected, as well. For example, enlisted Airmen may be required to extend their enlistment by an additional month, Mr. Warner explained, while affected officers will not see a second seven-day option. Civilian Airman moves are also delayed until the order is lifted.

For more information about the stop movement order or personnel issues, visit the Air Force personnel services website, or call the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102.