President Considers Tax Credit to Hire Veterans

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A Twitter user asked the president, "Can you give companies a tax break if they hire an honorably discharged veteran?"

That, Obama said, is a subject he's discussing with his staff.

"We've got all these young people coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan [who] have made incredible sacrifices [and] have taken on incredible responsibilities," the president said. "You see some 23-year-old who's leading a platoon in hugely dangerous circumstances, making decisions[and]operating complex technologies. These are folks who can perform. But unfortunately, what we're seeing is a lot of these young veterans have a higher unemployment rate than people who didn't serve. And that makes no sense."

The president said one idea under discussion is to combine a tax credit for companies that hire veterans with a campaign to get private companies to "do the right thing" and hire additional veterans.

An outreach program to hire veterans already exists in the federal government, the president noted.

"We've [put] huge emphasis on ramping up our outreach to veterans and hiring veterans," Obama said, "and this has been a top priority of mine.

"The notion that these guys who are sacrificing for our freedom and our security end up coming home and not being able to find a job, I think, is unacceptable," he added.

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