June 1, 2017
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Those Now Gone

Those Now Gone
by Roger W Hancock

Fallen Servicemen, 
for country fought;
liberty, freedom, 
the primary reason.

They gave themselves, 
that we be free.

Fathers, mothers,
sisters, and brothers;
our dearly departed, 
life for country given.

Families broken,
for liberty. 

Veterans who served,
and lived to tell;
the horrors, and risks,
now sleep in peace.

Served their country, 
for our security. 

Unknown Soldier, MIA, 
remembrance our way,
to honor you as well,
victims of a warriors hell.

Served, now lost that, 
our lives be free.

Sleep now Sleep tight 
rest now, duty done,
price paid in life or death.
The vigilance now be ours. 

Roger W Hancock © 1-26-2002 www.PoetPatriot.com