June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy

I really miss you now that you are gone. I was only 7 when the plane went
down! I think I was too young to even really understand that you would
never come back to us again. I always hear the stories of how you graduated
at the top of your class at the Air Force Academy way back in 1975. You
were the greatest man that I ever knew, the strongest too. You worked hard
flying to other countries in those big bombers and were gone an awful lot.
When you weren't away you were back here at the Academy where you taught
those cadets how to fly and the basics of economics. I love you so and know
that you served your country well in your short 32 years of life. Now Daddy
there is something I need to tell you, wherever you may be now! I fell in
love with a man, an officer that is. He, just like you, serves his country
well. He actually gets to know the inside information on the airplanes. He
is brave just like you, and someday, he too will probably die serving his
country. The other day I married this Marine officer! He is the man that I
never knew that I always wanted. He is my soul-mate and best-friend. I want
to spend my life with a Marine officer, who is the next best thing to my
father! Thank you for showing me the courage, commitment and honor of
military men. I am proud to be a daughter and a wife of men that stand for
something as simple as freedom, a gift for an entire nation! Thank you
Daddy, I love you and I miss you!

Your all grown up Girl!

contributed by McVay
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