June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy




I have loved you now for so many years.
We have made it through it all.
I wish we didn't shed so many tears.
I know we have just begun this life we've come to love.
You call it the Marine Corps with so much Pride.
I call it our life because I'm proud to say I'm a Marine's wife.
Our road has just started but then I hear those words I have dreaded.
"I have to leave soon" But say no more because I know where.
Now what am I to do but sit and stare.
I watch you pack, and I watch your every move.
To this day I can't believe you left so soon.
In my mind it was only yesterday.
In my heart it is a lifetime.
I wonder what to do now, how do I function without my other half there.
No communication for how ever long.
I need to hear your voice I know I can be strong.
But this is why you joined the Marine Corps.
To serve with Honor, Courage & Commintment.
They never said anything about war.
Or leaving your loned ones behind.
Just remember this, I will be here when you return.
And I too will have Honor, Courage & Commintment.
Not to the Corps but to my Husband that I adore.

Cynthia Williams Proud wife of Cpl. Williams.