"Black and Silver"

 "Black and Silver"
(a dream)

I watched a tower burn today,
ashes swirled, I lost the sun
against the black;
could barely see the horror leapt
where silver streaks shot
earthward hit and miss,
in the attack...
laser beams fired into flame.

A jungle camp of young Marines,
is overrun at dawn.
White phosphorous explosions
melt to mourning in the smoke.
The single sentry raised up high,
a burning candle in the sky;
sounds of life disintegrate
to wisps of voices trailing...
boiled in heat.

Rat-tat- tat of mini guns,
the last to stand alive
falls silent in the choking hail,
the whiz and wail of popping guns
pulls crimson courage river runs
from heroes veins, dark stains
upon their flag remain.

I watched a tower burn today,
ashes reeked of burning flesh,
I lost a son against the black,
cried out my heart in horror when
his silver tags on silver chain
shot flashes back on fire wind
from in the flame; a final wave
from these and these alone...
another brave Marine was gone.

-- Mark Warren