June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


Gentle Savior

Gentle Savior

Gentle savior please look down
There is someone at your side
A very confused Marine
Who needs you as his guide
You'll know it's him
If his features look as though they are set in stone
He's lost and has realy never had to be alone
There is no stain on his soul
And Marines do not fear
You must have needed a courageous man
Much more than we who mourn him here.
When night comes
Could you remind him lights out
Now remember he is a Marine
So you may need to shout.
I'd give so much to see hime
Just once more in his dress blues
But I know he is not mine anymore
He now belongs to you
Please remind him of his honor
And let him see that we are okay
And let him know that the Marine he died for
Will live to fight another day.

contributed by: Carrie Simonds