June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


My Soldier, My Love

My Soldier, My Love

My world plunged into darkness - when you got the call that day,
I'd known that it could happen - that you could be sent away!

My only thought right then - was to make it to your side,
To spend remaining time together - showing you all my love and pride!

We had only a month together - to build memories that would last,
To try and fit forever in - but our time flew by so fast!

Then that final day did dawn - and it was time to go,
Being together, for now, was over - time had now become our foe!

So now I spend my days - keeping as busy as I can,
But every moment is filled with you - My Soldier, My Love, My Man!

Night times are the worst of all -my strength just disappears,
And with the cold, lonely darkness - I'm overcome by all my fears!

Tears rain down across my face - as I say another prayer,
Begging that he'll keep you safe - within his loving care!

Morning comes, and one more day - to pretend that all is well,
I'm getting good at hiding from the truth - and living inside this hell!

I know its not just me feeling - this aching within my heart,
Yours too I sense is breaking - for each day that we're apart!

You took me with you when you left - I'm in every step you make,
My heart and soul are in your hands - and in every breath you take!

I know I must be strong right now - and I've promised you I'll try,
I'll keep on fighting hard each day - on this you can rely!

Please know that I am waiting - forever if need be,
For this tour to be over with - and you to come get me!

Together we will then 'go home' - to build our dreams anew,
Picking up where we left off - forever, just me and you!

(Written by Jane Thomas - July 30, 2002)

contributed by Jane Thomas [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]