A Military Wife A Military Wife

Our World

Our World

I looked for you and you weren't there
Where did you go?
I looked in places I had seen you before
Not so long ago.
You had been that rock for me
When all I had was despair
Now you had abandoned me
For others you feel needed your care..

It hurt me so
To watch this.
To watch us be set aside
And guide the lives of others
While you leave us behind.

Yes behind I say
Because it doesn't matter
Who it is you help.
For they cling to you for guidance
Needing attention night and day.
Yet when its us that need you most
You've already gone away.

What did we do to deserve this?
Why is this the way it is to be?
You say you love us very much,
But that is not what I see.

I see a soldier who is leading
Leading his troops to fight
Showing a good example
Doing what is right

The husband, the father he has stepped away
For there times now are gone.
This is why you could not stay
So it is I that must carry on.
You left me in charge of this lonely command
How was I to do them right?
Emotions of pride spill where I stand.
Because after all I am a military wife.

I must go on even though I am not sure how?
The others rely on me so,
For now I am their rock
And they have a ways to go.

I am stronger than you think
Even though I too have had a rough time
I get no recognition for this job
The job you left behind.

It is a job I won't take lightly
For it the hardest given to me to date
I only want to make you proud
That is no mistake!

Some have been through this before
So they totally understand.
Others it's their first time
So I will do what I can.

I will assure them
It does get better and that time heals the pain
As we all wait for the phone calls
To help us stay sane.

And so the journey begins
A year seems so far away
I will pass the time the best I know how
And not dwell that you could not stay.

I cannot imagine what you're going through
I know it must be very hard
But now I understand
The journey that is at hand.

So do what you must
Being a soldier is now your life,
I am proud of you Marco
I am proud to be your wife.




Order One
Stand quietly when told your soldier is leaving.
Order Two
Pray quietly for you loved one to receive rear detachment orders. If it does not come through it hurts them even more.
Order Three
Do not lash out in anger at the military in front of you spouse. It will hurt them even if they agree.
Order Four
Think before you speak. You never know when your words to you soldier might be your last.
Order Five
Smile for your children, for it is you that they look to for guidance.
Order Six
Educate yourself. It makes things easier
Order Seven
Reach out to other wives who need help. You have probably been in their shoes.
Order Eight
Have patience with all family who ask the questions you push out of your mind to cope. They do not know better.
Order Nine
Do not be hard on yourself when you realize you prayed it wouldn't be your soldier who died. You were not the only one.
Order Ten
Show and speak of love so that you will have fewer "I wish I had." tears.
Order Eleven
Have Faith in your soldier they are doing the best they can with what they have.

Brandie Williams

Military Wife

                                Military Wife
At age nineteen Sara made the choice to say the words "I do"

She left without looking back

She had to hide her tears

She went to a place unknown to her

An army base called Fort Bragg, North Carolina

They got a place to call their home

But it was pretty bare

All they had was each others love

So there was nothing they would fear

Sara and Tyler were married for a year

Yet little did she know Tyler would get that call

You've been put on active duty

A month went by and it was time for Tyler to leave

She stood tall and proud to watch her husband go off to war

She didn't shed a tear

She knew she had to be brave and strong

And pray for his safe return

She'd wait by her phone every night

To hear the comfort of his voice

Stretching over thousands of miles

It was almost like he was right there

She'd worry every minute of the day

Thinking is my husband going to be ok?

Months went by and she got the word

She jumped for joy and praised the Lord

For her honey was coming home

There is no harder job

Than to be a military wife

Taking care of her family

While worrying about her husband

Who was serving in Iraq

But everyday makes her stronger being a military wife

Dedicatied to my beautiful sister and my brother in law who served in

Operation Iraqi Freedom



The Military Wife. To some people this may not mean much. The mailman may not understand why he finds a letter in a Military Wife’s mailbox everyday addressed to  an APO. The woman in the car next to the Military Wife may not comprehend why she is crying to “Here without you”. The child of the Military Wife’s Soldier may be to young to understand why daddy is gone, but the Military Wife reassures the child daddy is working and will soon be home to give them many hugs, and kisses. Coworkers of the Military wife may comment “I don’t know how you do it”. Well frankly I don’t either. I just pray to GOD oh I don’t know three to five times a day (sometimes more)…Lord please keep my soldier safe, and bring him home to us soon! And we take it day by day. The neighbor of the Military Wife may ask “How many more days till your husband is home?” Seventy-Two I shout! The neighbor then replies I knew you would know.

You may have heard the phrase “Military Wife…Toughest job in the Military”. I certainly have not been enlisted in the Military. I don’t know what it’s like to fire a gun at an object hundreds of feet away. Nor do I know how it feels to have on DCU’S in one hundred and thirty degree heat. I don’t know what it feels like to leave a FOB, and wonder if I will ever return. I do not know what it’s like to be shot at, and at the same time be praying to GOD to please let me get home to my family safely.  But what I do know is the phrase “MILITARY WIFE…TOUGHEST JOB IN THE MILITARY” could not be put any better. I may be young but I have reached, and almost completed  the toughest part of my life. My soldier being deployed to Ramadi Iraq. Having a loved one in Iraq is no day in the park. But having a loved one in a place where you know the danger is extremely high…well that just wears on your nerves.  I am in no way stating that my husbands job is not difficult. It is a very demanding,
 stressful, and hard job. One that I myself could not do. But to be the one left at home having to avoid watching the news, reading the newspaper or checking email in fear of a Velvet Hammer Notification. That’s tough. That’s not the toughest thing though. It is many things. Going to bed without my husband.  Coming home and not being able to share my day with him. Watching our child grow right before my very eyes, knowing my husband is missing this special part of our child’s life. Even worse, knowing that my husband  knows that too.

I am not writing so that people will have sympathy for Military Wives or their soldiers. We chose this life style. And it is a life style I have grown accustom to and learned to love. Although it is tough to have the love of my life taking away for a year (multiple times) nothing could make me more proud than when I see my soldier in uniform. The feeling I get when he wakes up at four am every morning and puts on those boots, and freshly iron BDU’S could never be replaced. I am always trying to figure out how and where he gets his courage, and strength. To be able to leave his family, the people he holds so dearly in his heart to go off and protect people he doesn’t even know. If half the world could have his courage and strength we would be pretty well off. I am simply writing to let other military wives know they are not alone. It’s a tough job…but somebody’s got to do it! Right? There is something about you, and me that GOD thought was special. That’s why he picked us to
be a MILITARY WIFE. He knew we could handle the TOUGHEST job!  And tonight when you say your prayers pray for me, and my soldier, as I pray for you, and yours everyday.