See You in the Morn

 See You in the Morn

Alone again in this bed
I watch the clock tick
and count the days gone by
since I last saw your face
since I last felt you near
since I last felt your breath upon my head
as you whispered
"Good Night my love,
see you in the morn"

So much has happened since we said
"see you in the morn"
so much has changed
and our world will never be the same
as I sleep in a cold bed
waiting for your return
you sleep on the ground
in a cold desert
dreaming of home

I watch the clock tick
and count the days to go
until your return
But right now I know
that you are away in a foreign land
doing something I have never been prouder of
So fight the hard fight my dear
for the day will yet again come
when I will see you in the morn my love.

contributed by - Name withheld by request