The Military Wives World,
A lonely place to be.
At least you would think so,
When our men are out to sea.

But when our men are gone,
There's a secret that we keep.
There are thousands of other women,
In a hole just as deep.

We keep each other company,
On those cold and lonesome days.
Whether a phone call or cup of coffee,
We help out in different ways.

We consider ourselves family,
On those long six month tours.
Whether we are at a different PCS,
Or at the house next door.

So for those of you who think,
We are lonely, crying fools.
Please know that we are crafty,
And have many different tools.

When the house is falling apart,
Or something starts to break,
We have a useful tool we call,
The big role of duck tape.

But when we feel alone,
And start thinking there's no hope.
Low and behold, here's a navy wife,
To throw us a saving rope.

So please don't think we are sorry,
For the hardships we endure.
Because we love our Sailors,
Of this you can be sure.

We also love our Sisters,
Who endure the hardships too.
For, without them by our side,
Lord knows what we would do.

I thank all those women,
Who have helped along the way.
I owe them all my sanity,
Which I've kept throughout these days.

So we can all be sure,
That when the word comes down,
We will have a shoulder for crying,
When he is ordered to leave town.

We will make it.
As long as there is at least
One Navy Wife left
In this world.

Michelle L.
Dillman [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] written: October 6, 1999