What is a Marine Corps Wife

What is a Marine Corps Wife

A marine corps wife is Anger
Angry because her husband is gone for months at a time and she is left to
handle lifes little challanges for her family alone.Angry bacause she is trying
so hard to make everything ok,but cant because a part of her family is gone
and all her children want is dad.Angry because know matter how hard she
trys shes just not both mom and dad.

A marine corps wife is Proud
Proud because the man who is her bestfriend, her lover,and her husband,
is one of the few and the proud that goes outand makes it so that she and
her family and friends are free to be and do what they want to.Proud because
that same man chose her to stand by his side and raise a family.Proud
because shes independent yet still not afraid to admit she needs her marine.

A marine corps wife is Sad
Sad because she goes to bed alone at night for months on end just needing
her marine to hold her and touch herso she can sleep at night.Sad because
she never knows when the next phone call or letter will come.Sad because
she has to explain to crying children that shes just not sure where daddy is
or when hes coming home.

A marine corps wife is happy
Happy because she finally has control of the tv remote.Happy because in her
heart she knows that phone is gonna ring and it will be him.And happy because
her marine is the father the husband and the man shes always wanted him to be.

A marine corps wife is loving
Loving her family,her husband,and her new friends that she makes all over the world.
Loving God and her country, Loving her freedom, and her knew found independence

And last but not least a marine corps wife is tough
Yes thats right tough how many other women do you know that will stand by her man
when he is gone for months at a time.Tough because we try really hard to keep our
faith and raise our kids to have faith,but deep in our hearts we are always scared
the next phone call or knock on our door is the news noone wants to hear.
so you see being a marine corps wife ,

Is The Toughtest Job In The Corps

Written by:
Shawnika Hickey
Loving Wife Of Sgt Phillip C Hickey