My husband wrote this poem to me right before he got deployed overseas.
It touched my heart deeply, and I would like to share it with others.


There are no words
Or even a way,
To just come out
And begin to say

The things we do
Aren't always right,
The words we call each other
When we begin to fight

The way we seem
When we aren't eye to eye,
When we don't get along
All I want to do is cry

I have problems
Telling you what is real,
It is hard for me to find words
To express the way I feel

I want to run
To go along and hide,
To keep all the things
I feel inside

But I am letting it go
My wall of  brick,
I am no longing wanting
To feel so sick

I want you to know
That I love you,
And I truly adore
All the things that you do

I appreciate everything
That you say,
I cherish your love
Each and every day

I am so sorry
For keeping you out,
I want you to be forever
And I'm yours without a doubt

I love you more
Then I could ever show
I Love you more
Then God even could know

I feel like you are my savior
The one sent from above
Even the stars are out of reach
Of  my never ending love

We may be going
To be seas apart
But I am leaving you
With every piece of my heart

I will fight of the enemy
And everything in my way
To make sure
I come back one day

Not a night will go past
Not a day will go by
That I wont be thinking of you
As I look to the sky

So as we are miles
And lands so far apart
My love is measured
By the depth of my heart

So keep me in your heart
As you are in my head
For as long as we have love
Our marriage will never be dead

I am ending this poem
With one little note
That when times get rough
Just read what I have wrote