Carry On

Carry On

This was written by my husband to me, and i think it exemplifies how we all
feel. Please give him credit for it, but if there are any comments on it, he
would like them sent to me. Thank You, Lynn Durbin
Carry On

Cut Off From You
The Electronic World Is So Cruel
And I Know You Worry
How Can You Not
Your Heart Full Of Despair
Your Stomach Tied In Knots
But I Need You To Carry On
To Feel My Spirit With You
I Need More Than Anything Else
For You To Carry On

My Future Is Safe
And Ours Even Safer
Though Our Present Is Mired With Pain
Our Wait Is Not In Vain
By The Minute Our Hearts Grow Stonger
As Does The Love That Binds Us
In This Time Of Uncertainty
Our Love Gives Us Stability
And Whether I Feel Its Right Or Wrong
I Know For You I Must Carry On
I Feel Your Spirit With Me
Pushing Me From Each Days Dawn
Helping Me To Carry On

My Voice Is Always There
Deep Inside Your Mind
My Hand Touches Your Face
Deep Within The Night
My Lips Are Close To Yours
My Love Always In Sight
I Need You To Hold On
Don't Ever Give Up
Don't Ever Let Your Faith Waiver
I Need You To Carry On
Don't Ever Stop Believing
Our Love Will Carry On Forever...

contributed by Lynn Durbin [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]