-=The Heros Of Today

       To the Editor,

What I am sending to you is something that I wrote. I am a military spouse, my
husband is in the Army and we are stationed now in Schweinfurt, Germany. I
wrote this because I am tired, disgusted, and saddened by a lot of people's
ignorance of the military. I think that our fellow Americans have forgotten
that our rights and freedoms were and are not free. I am also tired of hearing
how well, some people believe, the military is paid. It's a sad thing that
sports players make more than the people who protect our lives. So, I am
sending you this little thing I wrote. Hopefully, if you publish it, it might
remind or give a little better view of how much our military personnel give and
how little they receive. And that it will also remind the soldiers that they
are remembered. Thank you.
-=The Heros Of Today

What does it mean to be a soldier today? I personally believe that it does not
mean as much as it use to in past times. To be a soldier then was to be a hero.
It was honorable to give your life for your country and your fellow man. And
when you were called away to warand then came home, you were considered a "war
hero". People slapped you on the back and smiled, they shared kind words to let
you know that they thank you for what you had sacrificed. And then...somewhere
along the time line that all changed. Why? or How? I can not tell you. But now,
in the present time, I have heard people put down the military and its
soldiers. Their soldiers, who still to this day voluntarily give their lives to
protect their country and fellow man. To protect our values, our ideals, and
our rights that we as Americans hold so dear. I think that our people are
pampered in this day and age. Too many take for granted the freedom they have.
Our rights and our freedom were never handed to us. They were fought for,
I'm sure that some people will say, "That's their job. No one made them join."
Well, if all our military persons thought like that, who would be there to
defend our country, our homes, our loved ones? Who will defend our freedom and
our rights? Some people will say, "They get paid." And I ask you all this. How
can you determine the value of a life? How much would you be willing to pay for
your father, mother, sibling or child? It is well known that soldiers are
underpaid. That is a sad thing since the price they give is their life.
However, the military does offer very good benefits but our men and women don't
join for the benefits and pay.

It angers and saddens me to hear our fellow Americans speak negative and
hateful things about our soldiers who risk their lives for them. And if you
think about it--they are risking their lives today. They are risking their
lives 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A soldier isn't on call on only work hours.
They are on call every minute of every day. Much is expected of them and what
they sacrifice can never be fully repaid. The time away from their families.
The holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries that are missed. The births of their
children and the deaths of loved ones. Those things can never be given back
once they're gone. And through all this they have never asked for anything in
return from the people they protect. They shouldn't have to ask for what they
already deserve. I'm sure, the reader is asking, "What should they deserve from
me?" Not much. I will tell you and the best part is, it won't even cost you a
dime. Support, encouragement, your honor, and a simple "thank you". That doesn
There is all kinds of ways to show you care. If you live around a military
base and when the holidays approach, there are always soldiers who can't make
it home and end up spending that time alone. If you have the room and extra
food, invite a few to share your table. If you see a soldier walking by, stop
him, shake his hand, and let him know you are thankful for what they do. Take
some time and visit with the veterans and let them know you thank them too.
After all, it's all those wars whether they were meaningless or not that has
led our country to be what it is today. Those veterans deserve that. You never
know who's life you could change.

It's not a luxury life to be in the military whether you're active duty,
dependants, or the families with loved ones in the military. It's those
dependants: those husbands, wives, and children, the mother's and father's, and
the families and friends who have suffered and will suffer a greater loss. At
the expense of another father who won't be home for anymore Christmas's, the
son or daughter who won't see another birthday, or the mother who won't be able
to kiss her children good-night. I wonder if those people who criticize the
military and their soldiers have ever thought about that?

I use to wonder why would a person continue in a type of job where it's not as
highly looked upon as it used to be? And being a military wife now of 3 years,
I have my answer. To the soldiers it is the Pride in what they do and in their
country. It is the Courage, Commitment, and Honor that they share. And it is
the people like myself who let them know how Proud we are of them. So, I want
to say, "Thankyou" to the men and women of the land, the sea, and in the air.
To those of past and present. You are not forgotten.

contributed by Natisha Wright [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]