-=Thank you Devil Dog

One of our men was killed sunday during training exrcises, and I wrote this im
memory of him. May he rest in peace

-=Thank you Devil Dog

Thank you Devil Dog

In memory of our F-18 Wizo who was killed Sunday Feb 17th

Thank you Devil dog for the time you served our country. Thank you for the
endless hours that you were away from your family and friends to make sure that
we can sleep peacefully at night.

Thank you Devil Dog for your dedication. Thank you for the blood the sweat, and
the tears that you shed for my family and me.

Thank you Devil Dog for all you have done for us. And now Dear Devil dog may
you rest in Peace. Thank you Devil Dog for all you have given for us. You will
always be remembered. You were a true Marine. A true Devil Dog. You gave your
life for our Country. Thank you Devil Dog.


contributed by DENISE BROOKS [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.